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Easy Special Barbecue With Different Taste

   Easy Special Barbecue With Different Taste  Most people are just aware of the basic recipes of plain masala tikka, fried prawns, grilled fish, and nuggets of meat and chicken marinated with a standard masala recipe and then cooked on a tempered fire, so that the pieces don't get burnt. Special attention should be given to 'basting' i.e applying oil at intervals ,while grilling the meat/ chicken pieces.   TANDOORI BAKED CAPSICUM  The popularity of tandoori baked dishes is not great because new recipes are being developed all the time, including this delicious and simple capsicum dish. Ingredients: Capsicum 4/6 large Vinegar 1 tsp Mace (javitri) powder 1/4 tsp Chaat masala 1/4 tsp Marinate: Yoghourt 1 1/2 cups Garlic 2 tsp (crushed) Chilli paste 1 1/2 tbsp Garam masala 1/2 tsp Oil 1 1/2 tbsp Vinegar 2 tsp Method: Divide the capsicum into 2 pieces and prick skins with a fork to allow the seasonings to penetrate. Heat a pan of water and when boiling, add the capsicum, vinega
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Mexican cooking recipes

Mexican cooking recipes Mexican cooking recipes     MEXICO MEGIC The official name of Mexico is the United Mexican State. The people here are obsessed with food. They produce chocolate, vanilla, tomatoes, beans and peppers. Mexico ranks first in salt production. Their national fruit is avocado. In Mexico, as in maximum nations of the arena that revel in heat climates, the meals are highly spiced. addition of spices to meals cooked in those climates as a two-fold purpose. They act as a preservative even as stimulating appetites heightened  In the warmth. But simply due to the fact the meal is highly spiced it no longer wants very warm cumin, coriander and cinnamon, our favorite selections in Mexico, to lend their perfume and flavour without bringing tears to the eyes! For people who like matters warm, clean or dried chili peppers  or  cayenne papers will upload hearthplace to any dish. Green chilies and jalapeno pepper, any other variety, also are to be had canned. If anybody aspe

When will health recede on the border of old age

  When will health recede on the border of old age? When will health recede on the border of old age  The wheel of time has always been spinning. It will still spin. Age will increase and there will be no decrease in the months and years of life.  The process continues.  When a new tooth came out today, a child walked a distance of a yard while walking.  No mother's heart cats jumped and they became charitable.  Special massage for the baby, pure desi ghee, butter and a lot of healthy food. Above all, her health problems are dealt with, her teeth, her bones, her vaccinations, and everything from monitoring her sleep to waking up, eating, and digesting food.  As you grow older, each year of life and each new day has its own charm.  Adolescence is one of the most exciting, glamorous and glamorous times, but at the age of thirty-five, we are exposed to new and varied conditions of life and health, such as the effects of advancing age on beauty.  Give.  According to French physicians,

Power of lemon/advantages of lemon

  POWER OF LEMON  Power of lemon/advantages of lemon Advantages of lemon : The following tips are for people whose prolific trees produce the sort of glut-thirty lemons a day, which we have known to shed in peak season - for which not even the most citrus-minded cook can find culinary employment.  Whoever dubbed unreliable  cars "lemons" chose the wrong tag, for these are useful, dependable fruit. If ever the lemon deserves to be elevated to the rank of essential household item, this is the time when people are increasingly wary about overusing chemicals in the home.  Lemons clean materials ranging from silver and chrome to marbles and laminates ; for bad stains on marble, leave a lemon face down for several hours. Whatever surface you apply lemons to, remember the juice is acidic and must be rinsed off when it's done its work. Lemon juice makes copper and brass gleam;tackle stubborn stains with a salted rind. If you're still using aluminium pans which research sugges